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I've got an issue with my product

My item is faulty

Most faults are so discreet that they pass our quality control undetected. On the rare occasion they do happen, they’re often only picked up once the item’s worn. So you put it on and bang - there’s the fault. If this does happen to you, please fill

I ordered two of the same products and they are not identical

It's not necessarily a mistake, it's what we call size tolerance. ⁠Size tolerance is the difference in measurement between our technical manufacturing file and the final product, that we allow. Why?. During production, not all materials react to diff

My item doesn’t size exactly like it says in the size guide

This can happen, we’re talking about textiles after all. There’s always an agreed tolerance when making clothes which can lead to small variations in sizing between our technical specs and the final garment made. This is because of the different stag