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I would like to receive my order at a later dateUpdated 2 years ago

Unfortunately, we cannot put aside an order in our warehouse to send it later on. Once the product arrives in our warehouse and is ready for shipment, it cannot be held and shipped at another time, because in our logistics system we have no way of notifying that we need this order to be sent at a later time.

That said, we still have other solutions for you:

  • A few days before your order is shipped, you will receive an email from Sympl, our logistics team, where you will be able to change the delivery address. If you missed it, get in touch with us here so we can change the address for you if the order has not been shipped yet.
  • If the package has already been shipped, don't worry: if the size of your letterbox allows it, your package will be dropped in it. Otherwise, the carrier might drop it off at the nearest collection point. If your parcel is returned to us, get in touch with us here.
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