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Returning my order from the UKUpdated a year ago

You can request a return right here (you can change the language in the top right corner).

You will then receive via email the label to use to return your order as well as customs documents.

We know this paperwork can be confusing, we're sorry about that! But with Brexit this is what we have to do now. You'll find:

  1. The return label, to stick on the parcel.
  2. QR code, that goes inside the parcel - our logistics team will scan it after opening your parcel and they will know if it's a refund or an exchange.
  3. Sometimes there will be several pages of the customs declaration and the commercial invoice. They go outside the parcel.
  4. The CN23 page (usually at the very end). The top part of the page looks like this:

Please date and sign the form. There's one part that goes inside the parcel, and another that you have to stick on the outside of the parcel. Customs will have a look at the outside document, but if it gets lost they will have access to the one inside.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us here.

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