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What payment methods do you accept?Updated 2 years ago

Pretty much all of them. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Bleue… For AMEX you just need to make sure that the billing address matches with your AMEX account.

The transaction is made the moment you order, whether it is for a preorder or a stock item. After that it depends on your bank, generally the debit itself takes 1-3 days.

We unfortunately can’t accept PayPal as it’s not compatible with preordering. PayPal’s “buyer’s protection” means that delivery has to be made within 30 days which isn’t possible for a lot of our preorders. Our team is currently trying to find a solution or an alternative for you.


Payment in three instalments

(available in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg).

We offer this service through our payment partner Alma, a newcomer in the online payment market. They specialise in instalments in 3 payments on all orders of 60€ or more.

As it says in the name, you can split the payment for your order in three installments, directly debited from your bank account: the first one on the day of purchase, the second exactly a month later and the last one, exactly two months after your purchase.

The fees for this service are of 2%. So for example for a 300€ Suit, you'll be paying 2€ per month to use this option.

If you happen to lose your card or change it during that time, you can contact Alma on [email protected]. They will send you a link to update your details, just like you would if you changed bank accounts.

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