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🛒 Placing orders on Asphalte

What payment methods do you accept?

Pretty much all of them. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Bleue… For AMEX you just need to make sure that the billing address matches with your AMEX account. The transaction is made the moment you order, whether it is for a preorder or a sto

I’d like to change or cancel an order

To change or cancel an order, it’s best to contact us here. Be aware that sometimes it’s not possible to modify an order for a number of reasons:. If the order’s already been dispatched you’ll need to follow our return guide to return the product. If

I’d like to group my orders

Nice one. It’s more convenient, better for the environment, and we’ll also refund you the saved shipping costs. Get in touch with us here, and we'll take care of grouping your orders together. All you need to make sure of is:. That none of the orders

I want to order 2 products at once

No problem. Select the colour and size, click on Preorder and then Continue Shopping. Your item will be added to your basket and you can head over to the next item you want. Any selection will stay in your basket so even if you close the browser it s

Where can I find my order number?

Head to your order confirmation email we sent you after you preordered and you’ll find it. Failing that you can also find it on your customer account under “My Wardrobe”.

I’m pretty sure that I placed an order but I haven’t heard anything

There are 2 likely reasons for this:. You went on “Coming Soon” and signed up to “Notify Me” without ever actually placing a preorder. “Notify Me” lets you know when the preorder is live so you can, well - preorder. To place an order you need to head

I need an invoice

Invoices are available in your customer account on our website. To download one, select your order and click “print the invoice”.

I would like to buy a gift card

You can do so here. Once you have chosen the amount of your Gift Card and placed the order, you will receive two emails: