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I can't log into my account

If you have already ordered on Asphalte.com and your email address doesn't work when you try to log in, that probably means your account is not activated and you simply ordered as a guest. You can activate your account here. And if it still doesn't w

I want to merge two accounts

Unfortunately, we are unable to merge two existing accounts. You can therefore choose one of your accounts to place all your Asphalte orders!

I would like to change my billing address

For legal reasons we can’t change a billing address after an order, French tax law does not allow it. We can change the delivery address though, so if you need to do message us here.

I want to find my previous orders

All you have to do is log into your account. You can find all your previous orders in the "My wardrobe" section. If you can't see them all, don't worry - you might have ordered before with a different email address. And if you can't log in, that prob